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Five-In-One Sweeping Robot Mop And Vacuum

Five-In-One Sweeping Robot Mop And Vacuum

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This sweeping robot is made of PP and comes in white or black. It features double motors, a 2000mA battery with a 4-5 hour charging time, and can be used for 60-120 minutes on a single charge. With an operating voltage of 5V, it has a suction power of 1800PA and weighs 2.25KG. The product size is 27 cm in diameter and 6 cm in height, while the packing measures 39*31*9CM. This package includes 1 sweeper, 2 extended brushes, 1 cleaning cloth, 1 dust box cleaning brush, 1 USB charging cable, and a user manual.


Certification: CE Certification: Dot Cleaning route: Random Operation method: Mechanical Power mode: USB Timing function: No timing Rated voltage: 5 Rated power: 3 Rated frequency: 50 Switch type: Normal Sweeper function: Sweeping, suction and mopping all-in-one machine Use environment: Household Application area: Below 160 square meters Capacity: 500ML Collision protection: Mechanical collision Motor type: Brushed motor Battery life: 61-120 minutes Multifunctional Five-In-One Sweeping Robot with Mopping, Vacuuming, Strong Cleaning, Air Purification, and Spray Humidification for Intelligent Automatic Features: 1. Efficiently cleans dust and garbage on the floor, promoting a clean and comfortable home. 2. Strong suction, spray humidification, and multi-directional movement provide large-scale, thorough cleaning. 3. Ultra-thin 60mm design allows for easy

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